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Suprabhat Foundation is a registered, non-profit, public charitable trust working towards its objective of ‘Eye Donation, Health, Child and Woman education’ by making the disadvantaged self-reliant and thereby enabling them to lead a life of dignity.

It is working in the areas of Eye Donation, Education, Health and Community Development. Our support through these issues helps us touch the lives of a wider section of beneficiaries such as children, youth, the specially challenged, women and the elderly.

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Why Eye donation???

“If you want to live forever, donate before you die, and you shall going to live forever.”

There is an old concept that beauty revels in the beholder eyes…and there are more than one crore people who don’t have eyesight to see the beautiful world. Secondly, It is being a major confusion from centuries on the existence of life after death and it is merely envisioned that there is no life after death but if you donate your eyes … surely you will have life after death because some people have only life but with donating your eye you can give them beautiful life…. Ultimately, you have one more life to live and cherish the beautiful moments.

Eye donation process takes place only after death and without any cost (by Suprabhat) it transfers to the needy. There is no physical damage to face, eyes or any other part of the body. It includes only the corneal transplantation, a process of not more than twenty minutes. It would not give any physical or mental trouble to your friends and relatives while it would establish one of the leading examples in the society.

Looking forward to have you as the next donor.