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Suprabhat Foundation is a registered, non-profit, public charitable trust working towards its objective of ‘Eye Donation, Health, Child and Woman education’ by making the disadvantaged self-reliant and thereby enabling them to lead a life of dignity.

It is working in the areas of Eye Donation, Education, Health and Community Development. Our support through these issues helps us touch the lives of a wider section of beneficiaries such as children, youth, the specially challenged, women and the elderly.

  • This is really a wonderful initiative. I appreciate the social work taken in hands by Suprabhat Foundation. My best wishes are with the Suprabhat Foundation group.


  • I like the theory of- Dump your "I" but not your "eyes" and you are doing great..great..job keep it up..

    mudit   [civil contractor]

  • This is really a wonderful initiative to support person who lost their vision due to some reason. This NGO really help such people by giving them a new chance to see color of this wonderful world again. Brabo Suprabhatians ..!!!

    Ankur Gupta   [software engineer]

  • Eye Donation is an untouched cause in our society because of lack of awareness and several myths .... I am really glad to see your initiative for spreading awareness and highlighting the most vital prerequisite of the society. I really appreciate your work which you commence for the betterment of the society. wish u good luck !!!!!!!!! kapila

    kapila   [Writer]

  • Unique concept TO SHARE & HELP needy people and cannot ask for more .......

    RAJESH CHAURASIYA   [Govt. Employee]

  • You are lucky to see this message and this wonderful site because you have been gifted by by that almighty with the magic of SIGHT but there are thousands of unfortunate souls who cant see the very basic creation of god that is NATURE. Feel lucky and privileged to be a part of a clan who can see and respond. This foundation is working for the betterment of the people who need something when we are not in use of it that is "EYES AFTER DEATH". So come forward, support and be a part of this w

    Tanay Indapurkar   [Bank Manager]

  • Have read in news paper about your work. you people are doing great work... keep it up :)

    Ravi Shakyawar   [Assistant Revenue Officer]

  • It's a great organization! We all applaud you and your team for the tremendous inspiration and results you are spreading to fight with blindness and teach healthy habits to young people across our country! Thank you for providing a leading organization we could support in this effort! "One Eye Donation can make two blind people see. Let’s make Eye Donation a family tradition. Let your eyes change someone’s life... Let’s donate eyes..."

    Akshay Babar   [Software developer]

  • You are doing Awesome Social work. Whole earth should appreciate this because world is nothing for a blind person and you are giving every thing for them. It's a wonderful thought.

    Hitesh Kanwar   [CEO]

Why Eye donation ?

“If you want to live forever, donate before you die, and you shall going to live forever.”

There is an old concept that beauty revels in the beholder eyes…and there are more than one crore people who don’t have eyesight to see the beautiful world. Secondly, It is being a major confusion from centuries on the existence of life after death and it is merely envisioned that there is no life after death but if you donate your eyes … surely you will have life after death because some people have only life but with donating your eye you can give them beautiful life…. Ultimately, you have one more life to live and cherish the beautiful moments.

Looking forward to have you as the next donor.